Water is a crucial resource in each and every home. Not only do you need water for drinking, but you need it to cook, clean, and run your household effectively.

Across the globe, water pollution has become a problem. Some of the sources of contamination include agricultural runoff and industrial releases, outworn pipes, firefighting foam, and pharmaceutical drugs, and even the chemicals used during the water treatment process. A whole house water filtration system can remove these contaminants from the municipal water that is provided to your house, and it ensures that over 95% of chlorine (which can wreak havoc on your health and appliances) is removed from the water before it exits your taps.

Another aspect that has led to an increasing number of people installing water filtration systems is toxic drinking water. The Atlantic reported that aging water pipes have become an increasingly common source of toxic exposure. This article describes the situation in Flint, Michigan, but many other areas around the US struggle with similar problems: “Abnormally high levels of E. coli, trihalomethanes, lead, and copper have been found in the city’s water, which comes from the local river (a dead body and an abandoned car were also found in the same river)… Residents say that the city government endangered their health when it stopped buying water from Detroit last year and instead started selling residents treated water from the Flint River”.

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Many people in Florida complain about the quality of water in their homes. Some of the complaints include that it tastes bad, dries out their skin, leaves stains on cutlery, and is hard on their hair. Taking care of your health means making your drinking water a priority. There is no better way to do this than by installing a whole house water filtration system.

If you are looking for a whole house water filtration system, then look no further than Hydro Solutions. We are a one-stop shop for everything from complete home systems to filters that have been designed for commercial and agricultural purposes.