Use reverse osmosis to produce clean fresh water

If you are thirsty nothing taste better than clean, fresh water. By installing a reverse osmosis water treatment system in your home, your family will enjoy the benefits of drinking an unlimited amount of great tasting, clean water from your tap. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your drinking water anymore as you can live healthier with water that is 99% contaminant free.

Reverse osmosis systems are engineered for high performance, durability and safety. These systems are designed to remove most of the harmful contaminants in your drinking water, enabling you to enjoy a pure glass of water in your home. Such a system can be used for various applications, not just only in your home but in restaurants, health facilities and research labs. This purification method is commonly used to purify drinking water, especially removing salt from seawater and other substances from water molecules.  It can also be used to purify liquids like ethanol in which water is a undesirably impurity.

Reverse osmosis is a popular membrane based technology filtration method. During this process many types of large molecules and ions are removed from a solution like water, by applying pressure to the solution when it is on the one side of a selective membrane. To achieve a desired result, part of the solution is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane while a pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side of the membrane. Don’t confuse reverse osmosis with any water filtration process. There are key differences between it and other filtration methods. The fact that reverse osmosis is based on membrane filtration practically guarantees that it will achieve perfect exclusion of particles. The successful application of this process will be influenced by the solute concentration, pressure and water flux rate.

Contact Hydro Solutions for a trustworthy reverse osmosis filtration system to take responsibility for your family’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse osmosis refers to the process where water is forced through a permeable membrane. The membrane allows the water to flow through but ensures that all contaminants are left behind.

It relies on force, pressure and a barrier to remove contaminants from water.

Because it is free of any harmful contaminants including bacteria and unwanted chemicals.

Yes. It is just as clean and safe to drink.

This depends on your personal preference. If space is limited under the sink, it is perfectly acceptable to install the system in the basement.

You only need to change the membrane every 2 – 5 years.

Not enough that you will notice it on your water bill. The waste water per day is equivalent to 2 – 3 extra toilet flushes.

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