Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you should have your water tested at the very least for hardness, ph, iron, total dissolved solids, and sulfide. Our trained technicians can demonstrate the value of clean, clear, problem free water as well as the cost of untreated water.

There are all different types of water from municipal sources (commonly known as tap water) as opposed to water produced from the ground by a well.

There are three main types.

  1. Non-potable water which would be water used for irrigation or the filling of ponds or lakes and is not to be used for working water in homes.
  2. Working water for homes this would be water we bathe in, wash laundry etc…. this water should also be treated to protect appliances and plumbing piping and fixtures in your home.
  3. Drinking or Potable water. Considering that the human body is 70% water its essential that any water we consume should be of the highest possible quality available.

With most well water you will find it will have either a rotten egg odor known as (sulfur) or a metallic odor normally caused by (iron). We can have one of our experienced technicians come out and recommend a water treatment system to give you clean, clear, odorless water.

Yes, we drill all types of water wells varying in depths and sizes. Our multiple rigs also allow us to drill wells where other companies can’t get to. Call today and we can give you a free estimate and offer our expertise for all your water needs.

We can never guarantee the type of water we will pull from a new well due to various factors from depth of water to different pockets being on any given property. However, from our 23 years of experience drilling wells in the area we have found various depths through out the South Florida area that give us the best available water the majority of the time.

No, it all depends on your area and the current water table sometimes a shallow well will give us the best water for your specific area. It is best for one of our experienced and licensed well drillers to consult with you then make a determination on what will best fit your water needs.

Yes, this is one of our well department’s specialties. We can give you a full quote for switching your irrigation system from city water to well water. At the same time we can show you the return on your investment. Typically it is less than two years.

Yes, we service any type of pump used for moving fluid. From your basics needs such as irrigation, pools, and house pumps to your not so basic- fountain, waste water and chemical pumps we can handle it all. We also have a full line of electrical control panels and even custom units made for your pump needs.

Yes, JPW offers a full line of variable frequency drives. These allow the pump to only use as much energy to move the water for your given situation as required. This could be from just a few gallons per minute to the full capacity of your pump system.

We offer a full line of products from Ultra Filtration to UV lights. These will remove bacteria from your water supply.

Yes, We rent a full line of water treatment systems with softeners starting as low as $19.95 per month. This could be perfect for those locations where you rent your home or office space.

With the full line of products we have and because every customer’s water is different, it’s really best for us to come to the home. We can then perform a free water analysis and give you the best option for your home and your family’s needs.

Yes, the best way to treat this problem is to install a whole house activated carbon filter. This will give you crystal clear water as well as eliminate the chlorine in the water coming into your home.

Staining like this is caused by different types of iron minerals that can be found in most ground water. At Hydro Solutions we have a full line of systems to stop that staining from happening. Call for a free water analysis.

Reverse osmosis systems are units that can produce filtered drinking water right at your very own tap while eliminating the hassle of buying bottled water from the grocery store. Even more importantly it helps reduce the waste from plastic bottles going to the local land fill.

Those are actually hard water spots caused from calcium that is in your water supply. This is commonly known as “hard water”. The most common way to reduce the hardness/calcium in the water supply is to install a water softener on the incoming water supply to eliminate the calcium in the water.

There is a variety of benefits from installing a water softener. One of the biggest reasons is to protect your largest investment; your home. A water softener can extend the life of all your water using appliances from your water heater to your dish washer as well protect all your plumbing and fixtures. Other benefits include brighter, cleaner laundry and decreased cost in cleaning supplies to name a few. The average family of four can save as much as $325.00 per month in cleaning supplies alone.

Yes we do! We have all types of financing programs to fit our customer’s needs on larger projects. One of our team members will assist you with our simple paperwork process.

At Hydro Solutions our technician’s service and maintain any and all makes of water treatment equipment. We will certainly provide you with the services you need.

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