Energy Efficiency

Pump and Control Panel Equipment Sizing – At Hydro Solutions, we customize a water treatment system to treat all of your water demands, cost effectively. Instead of providing a generic solution that will add unnecessary cost to your overall project; Hydro Solutions provides a FREE system evaluation to determine your exact equipment sizing needs. This guarantees that we provide you with the right system to fit the scope of your project.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) – Hydro Solutions also recommends adding custom controls with a variable frequency drive to increase the energy efficiency of every water system. A variable frequency drive allows the motor to work at the capacity needed to function consistently instead of at fully capacity every time. This unique feature will save you money on energy costs, repairs, and ultimately the life of your operating system.

Pressure Systems

Water Pressure is important for many hydro applications and in order for water to flow at a desired capacity a booster pump or constant pressure system may be used. Booster Pump – A booster pump can be installed to resolve any issues of low water pressure. Most booster pumps are custom built to meet the needs of a specific hydro
application, cost effectively.

Constant Pressure System – A constant pressure system, on the other hand, provides a continuous flow of water pressure without the up and downs of a booster pump. This type of system is able to give you the correct amount of pressure no matter what the demand for water is all while saving you money on energy by performing at a
consistent level.

Get in touch with us for all your pump and control panel requirements – one of our trained consultants will be happy to assist you.

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