The quality of your drinking water can be compromised by various factors. Take responsibility for the quality of your drinking water by installing a trustworthy water filtration system from Hydro Solutions. You only have to read the news or look at research articles to be faced with the reality; tap water and well-water in the United States isn’t always safe for drinking due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution.

Why you need quality drinking water

In 2007 the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 88% of diarrhea cases that get reported annually could be attributed to unsafe water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. The WHO says that reducing death from waterborne disease is a major public health goal in developing countries. According to the organization the most of these cases can be prevented through the access to safe and quality controlled drinking water.

The best way to make sure that you drink safe, quality controlled water is to invest in a water filtration system. When you partner with Hydro Solutions, we will test your water and based on our findings, we will then recommend the right water treatment services for your home or business. There are simple ways to treat water at a home involving water filtration that would ensure that your family is protected against unwanted diseases and sickness.

How the Water Purification Process Works

The water purification process involves the removing of undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gasses from your drinking water. The goal of a water filtration system will depend on the need of a client. A water purification process can be designed to produce water that is fit for a specific purpose and can be used to suit the requirements of chemical or industrial applications and even to meet the needs of medical or pharmacological projects. Water filtration is just one way to purify water.

To ensure that your family consumes safe drinking water, invest in a water filtration system from Hydro Solutions today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Water filtration refers to the process whereby impurities are removed from water by means of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process.

A water filter usually relies on reverse osmosis which is a process that works by forcing contaminated water through a membrane / fine filter. The filter allows the water to move through, but ensures that any contaminants are left behind.

The water filtration system that you choose will depend on your budget and preferences. However, those currently sitting at the top of the pack include ProPur or Big Berkey drip filters and the Aquagear filter.

A water filtration system will help to ensure that your drinking water is free from any harmful contaminants such as bacteria and heavy metals, leading to improved health.

Water filters will remove contaminants from water whereas water softeners remove minerals which make water hard and cause scale. The system that you opt to buy will depend on your goals.

Every 3 – 6 months is the general rule of thumb.

  1. First, you need to shut off your household’s water supply and drain the water from the system by turning on a faucet.
  2. Next, choose the right location for the filter and cut the pipe using the template provided with the kit.
  3. Attach the fittings as per the instruction manual, position the filter and turn the water supply back on.

It is best to call on a professional.

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