In our water quality questions and answers post last month, we took a look at a few top questions that we receive in the industry. Understanding water quality and testing / treatment can help you to run your systems optimally.  It is vitally important for the public to know if they are encountering or consuming water that is safe and healthy. In many industries it is a requirement to have a water quality assessment carried out and the correct treatment systems set in place.  This month we look at a few more water quality questions that we have encountered.

Q: What are the factors that determine water quality?

A: The quality of water can be determined by the amount of contaminants present, physical and chemical factors including PH levels and of course it’s conductivity (affected by the number of nutrients and salts present).

Q: How is water quality accurately determined or tested for?

A: Water quality must be tested for by a professional and certified agent. A sample much be taken and tested in a lab. Some of the things tested for include coliform bacteria, concentration of contaminants and the presence of eutrophication agents.

Q: What is a water quality certificate?

A:  Consumers need to be able to ascertain if their drinking and swimming water is safe and healthy. Water quality certificates are provided once a supplier’s water has been quality assessed and deemed fit for consumption or contact. In many instances these certificates are provided to water bottling companies, pool owners, spas and similar.

Water treatment is important for many businesses and private consumers. If you would like to obtain a water quality certificate or have your water supply assessed and treated, you have come to the right place.  For customiszed water treatment solutions, contact us via email or telephone at Hydro Solutions today.