A pool can be a breeding ground for dirt build-up and bacteria. In order to keep your pool clean, safe and hygienic for yourself, your family and guests, you need to invest in swimming pool chemicals to maintain your pool.

Some of the chemicals that the average pool will need include the following:

Liquid chlorine or chlorinating tablets

Chlorine has the ability to remove bacteria from the water. Besides bacteria, it also kills algae and microorganisms, making it a must-have chemical for any swimming pool. Chlorine is available in liquid form, tablets and in granular form.


Make sure you check the levels of the acid that you use because high levels of acid can work against the chlorine that you choose, causing it to lose its stabilizing ability.

Pool shock

Weekly shock treatment to your swimming pool will ensure that your chlorine continues to work properly. Without shock treatment, the chlorine can bind to other chemicals, making it less effective.

The World Health Organization has published guidelines for safe recreational water environments. These guidelines provide an authoritative referenced review and assessment of the health hazards associated with swimming pools and similar recreational water environments; their monitoring and surveillance; and management measures available for the minimization of associated health risks including education of users, good design and construction, and good operation and maintenance. Some of the hazards that these guidelines address include deteriorated water quality and contamination of water.

Your best bet is to speak to experienced water purification consultants. Not only can we advise you on the best possible water treatment systems for your pool, but we can ensure that your solution is long-term, sustainable and hassle-free. For more information, contact us today.