Having a well installed on your property is a great way to save money on your water bill. You can access the groundwater on your own property and use as much of it as you want, without having to pay any bills. But how do you know that your property has groundwater? Read on to find out how to locate groundwater before having a well drilled.

Avoid dowsing

The old school method of finding underground water involves using a forked stick or other tool (such as a pendulum). The end of the stick is held up at a 45 degree angle, whilst holding onto the two “forks” in the stick (the stick is usually in a “Y” shape). The idea is that the person holding the stick will walk up and down the area until the stick moves and points downwards on its own, showing the location of water. As much as this method has been used for many years, it’s definitely not backed up with science and is not a reliable way to find water. 

Get in the professionals

In order to locate groundwater on your property, you need to get hold of a professional called a hydrologist. He will come to your land and inspect the property to see where the groundwater is located. This is very involved process and not something you can simply do yourself. It’s important that the hydrologist find water that is of optimum quality for use in a well. He may work closely with a geologist to find areas that are good for well drilling. If your neighbors have wells, the hydrologist will probably need to inspect these wells to gather clues.

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