Owning a well means you need to invest in proper well maintenance in Palm Beach. Before you have a well installed, you need to know exactly what to do so that your well runs properly and efficiently at all times. Read on for your guide to proper well care.

  1. Test your well often
    For water that is always safe to drink, you need to have your well tested every year. This is not just testing the water itself, but testing the well’s hardware and mechanisms. A well that does not run efficiently is prone to contaminants and faster deterioration. Your well should last you two decades, if it is serviced on a regular basis.
  2. Stop drinking the water at the first sign of contaminants
    If your water is discolored or suddenly starts to smell or taste strange, immediately stop drinking it. Have your well maintenance company in your emergency contacts and have them come and check your well as soon as possible. It is a good idea to have some money in a savings account for emergencies such as these. Keep a couple of large bottles of water in your store room or basement to use when these things happen.
  3. Keep harmful materials away
    When using things like paint and toxic liquids, always keep them as far away from your well as possible. Designate a safe zone in your property where you mix paints and spray plants with pesticides.
  4. Emergency water testing
    If you or one of your loved ones experiences illness on multiple occasions, you need to schedule emergency water testing. If you find that there are contaminants in your water quite often, you need to have your water tested more than once a year. Your well could be susceptible to contaminants. Discuss your options with your well maintenance company.

For the best well maintenance in Palm Beach, get in touch with one of our experienced staff members at Hydro Solutions. We are in the business of ensuring your water is safe to drink and of the highest quality. For every water service out there – including well installation, water testing and drilling services – get in touch with us. Contact us and let us help you with your well maintenance.