A water treatment system, such as an RO system, always needs regular maintenance and professional care to run at maximum efficiency. In order to save time and money, we at Hydro Solutions advise maintenance on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs and replacements after long periods of time. But just why does your system need regular maintenance? If you’re not convinced, read on to find out more.

The delicate process of reverse osmosis water filtration

Reverse osmosis systems usually run using three or four stages of filtration. They contain delicate membranes, which need to be protected using a pre-filter which gets rid of any grit, dirt or sand. Just this pre-filter alone needs to be changed every six to nine months. One can easily forget, life happens, and next thing you know you have a clogged, awful-smelling pre-filter which is not doing its job to protect the delicate RO filters. With regular maintenance, this pre-filter will be regularly checked to ensure it is running properly. Just this one component can lead to huge damages further on in the filtration system.

After passing through a carbon filter, the water reaches the RO stage. The carbon filter is another component which has to be replaced every six to nine months. The RO membranes only need to be replaced every two to three years, however, failure to maintain the other components of the system will result in these membranes having to be replaced more often and this can be a costly exercise.

You will be able to tell damage has been done to the system when the supply of water starts to decrease from the system, or stops flowing altogether. At this stage you will probably have some expensive repairs ahead of you, so to ensure this doesn’t happen and that you keep receiving perfectly pure and safe drinking water, regular maintenance must be performed.

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