When considering various water filtration options you will undoubtedly come across reverse osmosis. This is known to be an effective water purification system and those who choose to install such a system in their home can enjoy drinking water that is clean, fresh and 99% contaminant free. Of course you might have some questions about reverse osmosis systems and how they work and below we cover the top three questions we are asked about residential RO systems:

  • What does a reverse osmosis system do?
    In short, RO systems convert contaminated tap water or brackish seawater to purified water that is safe and enjoyable to drink. Contaminants such as bacteria, pyrogens, viruses, pesticides, chlorine, detergents, waste, sodium and a great deal more are removed via the drainage system. These systems ensure your drinking water has an improved taste, odor and appearance.
  • How does the reverse osmosis system work?
    Reverse osmosis is a simple process whereby contaminants in the form of dissolved inorganic solids are removed from water. A semi permeable membrane is used to filter the tap water using the household’s own water pressure. Only water is allowed to pass through this membrane and any contaminants which don’t pass through are then flushed out via the drain.
  • What affects the effectiveness of a reverse osmosis system and are they all the same?
    While all reverse osmosis systems work the same, not all of them are the same in terms of effectiveness. The factors which affect the effectiveness of your water system include: incoming water pressure, temperature of the water, amount and type of dissolved solids in the water supply and finally the overall quality of the membranes and filters that are used in the reverse osmosis water purification system.

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