Unfortunately people only start to think about well maintenance after something has gone wrong and often this can end up requiring costly repairs. In order to keep your well maintenance cost to a minimum, it is important to consider general upkeep. A well requires regular servicing and maintenance – just like a vehicle. Some tips and advice to ensure the longevity of your well include:

  • Avoid trying to service your own well – well maintenance equipment and procedure that is specialized is required to service a well. Trying to service the well yourself could result in bacterial contamination, losing tools inside the well or even damaging the pump. It is always advisable for services to be carried out by a qualified contractor.
  • You should ensure that a well maintenance test and bacteria test is carried out on your well annually.
  • Regularly check the well cap or well cover to ensure it is in good order.
  • If there is any change in taste or odor in your drinking water, ensure tests are carried out immediately.
  • Ensure your well is effectively separated from your chemical storage facilities, waste systems and buildings.

Professional Well Maintenance Services in Florida

At Hydro Solutions in Florida, we provide our clients with a complete range of well maintenance and repairs services. If you want to make sure your well is kept in good order we can ensure preventative maintenance is carried out regularly. If your well is damaged and needs repair, we can get to work making sure it is restored to good operational health in no time at all.

To learn more about our well maintenance services and what you can do to keep your well in good working order, contact us at Hydro Solutions today.