Clean water is a basic human right. This is because water is critical to the wellbeing and safety of you and your family. Using water purification systems ensures you remove the bacteria and impurities from your tap water. Read on to get acquainted with a water filtration system you can use in your home

Types of water filtration systems you can use in your home

Water purification is mainly performed through filtration. There have been tremendous innovations in water filtration and you can choose from many different types of filters which can be installed in your home. Here are some common types provided by Hydro Solutions in Palm Beach:

Distillation – This process works by heating water to the point of vapor. By doing this, many of the impurities found in water are removed. Once the distillation has taken place, the water is condensed back into water, providing you with clean and crisp drinking water in no time.

Carbon Based Filters – Carbon based filters function by mixing activated carbon with the water as it enters your home. These filters are especially useful at removing chlorine from water. This can help significantly improve the taste and color of the water as it enters your home.

Reverse Osmosis Filters – These filters function by passing water from a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane catches many of the common impurities that are found in water. These systems are especially useful at eliminating items such as fluoride and chromium, which can have negative impacts on your health.

Water Softeners – Water softeners remove harsh minerals from the water entering your home. Water is passed through a tank where salt ions exchange with the mineral elements found in water, softening them and providing you with clean drinking water.

Hydro Solutions Palm Beach are suppliers of many types of water purification systems.  Contact us today for more information on the many options available for purifying your water.