In most US communities, safe water is available from municipal supplies. However most people find it necessary to have extra water purification systems to ensure the water they drink is completely safe from any contamination. This is not the case in many countries where people have no access to clean water; their quality of life is badly affected and they are prone to illnesses.

To help you appreciate the availability of clean water supply in Jupiter, check out these disturbing facts borrowed from a WHO research:

  1. Preventable water-related diseases kill approximately 3.4 million people every year.
  2. Nearly 20% of the planet’s population (1.2 billion people) live in areas where water is scarce.
  3. In developing countries, around 70% of industrial waste and 90% of sewage is discharged into waterways without being treated.
  4. Water access is the cause of many violent conflicts.
  5. In many developing countries, people walk an average of 3.5 miles to get water.
  6. In these same areas, women often spend more than 15 hours per week gathering water.
  7. Every 20 seconds, a child is killed by a water-related disease.
  8. Over 50% of schools in developing countries lack adequate water facilities.
  9. Nearly two-thirds of these schools lack adequate sanitation.
  10. By 2025, the population in water-stressed countries will increase by 75%.

Provision of safe clean water is the first step in improving the lives of any community. At Hydro Solutions in Jupiter, we are committed to ensure everyone has access to clean water. We provide the latest products and services for water purification. Contact us right away for our up-to-date systems.