Why does one need water filtration anyway? Is the water not clean enough from the municipal purification processes? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then you need to know this. There are still remnant contaminants in your tap water. Here are some problems which make it necessary to have a water filtration system installed in your home or business premise:

  • Water which smells and tastes like a pool due to high-Chlorine.
  • Red (rust/iron) blue/green (pH) stains.
  • Water spots on dishes and other items.
  • Your skin getting dry or itchy.
  • Tasteless, smelly, or unhealthy drinking water.

Get your water tested first

Some of the water from municipalities, deep wells, shallow wells and a host of other sources in Boca Raton can contain nitrates, sulfur, several times the approved limit of Total Dissolved Solids, excessive hardness, low pH, high pH, chlorine, chloramines, organics, iron, and other contaminants that lurk in our water. So it is important you get your water tested first to determine the type of filter suitable for your specific water condition.

Fortunately companies such as Hydro Solutions in Boca Raton have hundreds of combinations of water treatment options. Some of these include reverse osmosis, well filters, feeders, whole house filters, ultraviolet lights, neutralizers, conditioners, as well as water softeners.

At Hydro Solutions in Boca Raton we seek to ensure you get the healthiest water possible. We use only thoroughly tested and approved products, so why not take advantage of our water filtration systems for both domestic and commercial premises. Contact us today, we have a team on standby.