What excuse could one possibly have for not having a water filtration system in their home in this day, with so many types of home water filters available for all? They are available in all kinds of styles, types, and prices to suit every need. You could choose water filtering pitchers, or settle for faucet filters. How about a counter-top model or a whole-house unit? Anyone can enjoy the convenience of having filtered water without having to buy it in bottles. Let us look at some of these options.

Water Filtering Pitcher

Perhaps the simplest water filter device on the market. You just fill the pitcher’s special reservoir lid with tap water and minerals and other unwanted elements are removed as the water runs through the filter into the pitcher. If you want to have cold water to drink you can keep the pitcher refrigerated.

Faucet Filters

The most use-friendly home water filter is the faucet filter. It is simply attached to the tap and only filters water when necessary because of its bypass valve. They are small canister filters containing carbon and other materials. It is very convenient considering its sheer simplicity.

Countertop Filters

This is a larger version of the faucet filter. It can be placed on the countertop or under the sink. Water is fed into the filter and dispensed after purification either by reverse osmosis or by ion-exchange, depending on the type of filter used.

Water Distillers

These are large water purifiers connected to the water supply at the sink. Water distillers boil water until it becomes steam. The steam is then condensed into pure, clean water with most contaminants removed.

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