One of the common elements present in wells in Delray Beach is iron. In most cases the iron is not visible to the naked eye, but it causes iron bacteria unless you use the appropriate water filtration system. Iron is found in different levels from well to well depending on the depth of the well drilled and the amount of iron at that level. How much do you know about this threat to your wellbeing? Here are some facts about iron filtration.

Two types of iron

There are two types of iron – the soluble and the insoluble. The most common is the soluble type, often seen as red particles in your water. The insoluble type of iron blends fully with water to create an orange or reddish tint.

No harm to health… But…!

There is no known harm caused to your health by the presence of iron in your water. However, the discoloration and staining can be avoided. Also, a continued build-up of iron in your pipes can cause plumbing issues with time.

Iron Bacteria

When the iron in the water interacts with the air a process of oxidation takes place. This process forms the iron bacteria which are responsible for water discolouration and stubborn brown stains on your tub or sink. You can easily get rid of the iron with help from water purification specialist in Delray Beach.

What to do

Contact Hydro Solutions Delray Beach to have your water tested. We will determine the iron concentration levels, as well as pH levels, bacteria, hardness and alkalinity. We will then recommend the most appropriate water filtration system for your specific conditions.