Oxidizers play a great role in the water purification process and are used in many water treatment systems across Florida. Oxidizers use a patented technology to naturally remove iron and Sulfur from water. It makes use of absolutely no chemicals or aerators. It also uses no air compressors. How does it work? By using a natural oxidation process it can remove sulfur and iron leaving your water clean, fresh and odor free.

What are the greatest benefits to making use of Oxidizers and acids in your water system?

  • Eliminates the potential for iron stains to appear.
  • Ensures that you don’t need to use chemical feed systems.
  • Water softeners will not iron foul.
  • Ensures that the black oxidization and iron clogging does not affect your pipes.

While there are various oxidizers on the market, not all of them are chemical free. Chemical free oxidizers and acids are those that only consist of oxygen and hydrogen and will convert back to carbon dioxide and water after the oxidization process has occurred. Some of the top oxidizers on the market that are chemical free include:

  • Hydroxyl Radical
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Oxygen

Hydro Solutions Provides the Market in Florida with Top Quality Oxidizers

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