When considering the words ‘water treatment’ as a pet owner, the first and often only thought that pops into one’s mind is oxygenating the fish tank. Water treatment systems, reverse osmosis and well water all seem like completely unrelated topics when the thought of pet care crosses one’s mind. However, studies have shown that purified water can actually be beneficial to our four legged, land dwelling little friends as well. Just like us, animals’ bodies are made up predominantly from water, therefore, the quality of what goes in, affects the wellbeing of what comes out.

Cats and water filtration  

Whilst being fully submerged into a bath isn’t a cat’s idea of a good time, they do understand water on a deeper level than we care to think. There is an actual reason you will find them always drinking from dripping faucets. Cats understand that running water equals fresh water and will always opt for that option. It is therefore easy to see how much they appreciate water filtration and how this will benefit their lifestyle for the better.

Will dogs appreciate water purification? 

Dogs also have a need for fresh water, as it aids their health tremendously. Fresh clean water will encourage them to drink more regularly and keep themselves hydrated and healthy.

Reverse osmosis systems for your home  

Animals have a highly in tune sense of what is good for their bodies. Their nature is to opt for the things which will sustain and better their living, ensuring their health does not begin to deteriorate. By giving them water which has been filtered through an RO system, will ensure . they are receiving only the best on a daily basis. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are built to endure, perform and ensure your entire family is receiving safe, pure drinking water whenever they should need. Be sure to take a look at the services offered to you and your family through Hydro Solutions and get in touch with us today to see how we can start to help you improve your lifestyle.