The purpose of a water filtration system is to keep the water you drink and clean with perfectly clean and healthy. It gives you peace of mind that your water is as pure as possible, so that you’re not ingesting anything harmful. At Hydro Solutions, we advise regular maintenance of these systems. A system that doesn’t work properly might as well not be there at all. Read on to find out the signs for when your water purification system needs maintenance.

  1. You have noticed a strange odor
    When your water softener or RO system is in need of maintenance, one sign is the presence of a strange odor coming from the water. When you drink it, it could be accompanied by a very unpleasant taste. This is a huge warning sign that your filter is not working properly.
  2. A home water testing kit shows bacteria or other contaminants
    If you feel your water isn’t tasting as fresh as it used to, or you simply have not had any maintenance performed on your system in a while, you may want to purchase a home water testing kit. These are simple to use and relatively inexpensive and will quickly show you if there are things contaminating your water supply. In these cases, it is wise to contact a professional as soon as possible.
  3. Water is not flowing like it used to
    This is probably the most obvious sign that your water filtration system needs some repairs and maintenance. The water could come out slower than usual, or just stop flowing altogether. This would be a very good time to schedule someone to come and take a look at your water system.

A water filtration system can be of great benefit to a family’s health and wellbeing. But as with all home systems, they require a certain level of regular maintenance and care to continue operating properly. Remember it is cheaper in the long-run to keep your system well maintained on a regular basis, rather than shelling out for massive repairs or replacements further down the line. Contact us for all your maintenance needs. At Hydro Solutions we also offer well water systems, water purification systems, water softeners, reverse osmosis as well as RO systems. Get in touch today.