Purifying your home’s well water starts with knowing which types of contaminants you are dealing with. While there are generic house water filtration systems available on the market, a water quality analysis is an efficient and quick way to check which substances are in your well water.

  • Contaminants
  • Once you have a list of the possible contaminants in your well water, a water treatment system professional may advise you to opt for a customized water treatment system based on the results of the water quality test. Some contaminants, for example, may lead to a bad taste or odor from your water. In this case, a water filter that uses a combination of a chlorinator and carbon can eliminate the problem. A reverse osmosis filter, on the other hand, may be recommended if harmful bacteria are found in your water. Not all harmful contaminants will have an obvious bad smell or taste, but it can still lead to illnesses if the water is consumed.

  • Sediment
  • Another common problem that well owners experience is sediment, which can usually be seen at the bottom of glasses or in the screens of your sink. This problem can be rectified by installing a sediment filter. If the source of the sediment is iron, then it could lead to hard water. In this case, it is recommended that you invest in a water softener as well.

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