Water wells are common in many homes, however some are newer than others. The idea is to ensure your water well is well maintained and working efficiently because after all, it is the supplier of the most essential resource to man.

You will drink, shower, clean, flush, brush and wash with the same water in this home you have now moved into and so it is imperative to take note of the water well and monitor its maintenance.

Today, we see an increase in the number of homes which have a municipal water supply system, however there are still many homes that have their own water source.

There are a few things you could do to maintain your water well, especially if you have never had your own water system before:

  • An annual maintenance check should be done to ensure the water is tested. If you get an unusual odor or water tastes different, it may be time to service the well.
  • If you want a well that runs efficiently, make sure you keep chemicals such as paint, fertilizer, pesticide and motor oil away from the well.
  • Sloping the ground away from the well when doing your landscaping will allow for proper drainage as this will keep the well from getting clogged up. Make sure there is at least a foot clearance from the well and the ground.
  • When you work near your well, make sure you do not damage the casing as this could lead to contamination if anything happens to get in. Do not store garden leaves, snow or even tools next to or on top of the water well.

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