A whole house water filter system will not only keep your water free of impurities but improve the overall health of your household. When drinking water that is contaminated with impurities, you will be more prone to getting sick or falling victim to harmful bacteria.

Here’s how to install a whole house water filter system:

  • Firstly, the main water supply must be cut off and the pressure and excess water drained from the system;
  • The pipe must be cut at the exact spot the water filtration system will be installed. This can be done by using a pipe cutter. Any excess water can be caught by a bucket;
  • Compression nut and brass fittings are needed and should be placed on the ends of the cut pipe. These nuts and fittings should be tightened well with Teflon tape;
  • The filter must then be inserted following the manufacturing recommendations.  The flow of water must enter at the “in” port and exit at the “out” port. While keeping the filter straight, tighten the bolts and make sure all sections are secure;
  • Switching the filter valve off, slowly open the water at the main water supply and check for any leaks. If there are no leaks, switch the filter valve to the filtering position. The filter will fill with water and will start to circulate and filter the water;
  • As many house water systems vary, it is important to ensure the filter is set to the correct interval to ensure all water is effectively filtrated. Installing a filtration system should be done by a professional as experience is key to ensure there are no unnecessary complications with the installation.

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