Drip irrigation systems make the most sense in today’s environment in terms of water conservation and keeping costs down. Sprinkler systems can certainly ensure your garden is well irrigated, but they are not as precise as drip irrigation systems and often waste a great deal of water.

To install your own drip irrigation system at home, follow these steps:

  • Determine which area will require the irrigation system and from where the water will be obtained.
  • Draw up a sketch of the system and how it should be set up. You will need to use standard plumbing pipes to supply the mainline headers. Use ½ inch plastic tubing to form the backbone of the system and ¼ inch tubing with perforations to form the drip lines.
  • Gather the required materials including: battery operated timer (if you want the system automated), y- pipe to connect to the water supply, connectors to join pipes/tubes, a back flow valve or pressure regulator and filters to ensure dirt and rust is kept away from the drip line.
  • Assemble the drip lines and pipes according to your sketch.
  • Connect the remaining materials now in this order: Y-pipe to water supply, timer, pressure regulator, hose adaptor, garden hose pipe, second hose thread adaptor and drip irrigation tubing. Your water supply should not be linked to you ¼ inch drip line tubing.
  • Test the system with the timer on and off and then check to see there are no leaks on the pipes and connectors.

Professional Home Drip Irrigation System Installations in Florida

At Hydro Solutions in Florida we supply and install top quality and well-designed drip irrigation systems. We can ensure your garden or landscape is provided with precisely the right amount of irrigation for it to flourish.

To learn more about our drip irrigation installation services contact us at Hydro Solutions today.