Water softeners are a must-have in your home and office. Anyone who has used both hard and soft water can tell the difference immediately and soft water is much preferred. Hard water contains hardness ions made up of calcium and magnesium and a water softener works by exchanging these hardness ions for sodium or potassium ions. This process usually takes place in a resin tank, but there are many different types of water softeners that can be installed at your home or office.

Soft water is preferred to hard water because:

  • It makes your hair and skin feel softer, cleaner and smoother. Hard water can leave the skin feeling itchy and rough, while making your hair a tangled mess. Many people who switch from hard to soft water can feel the difference immediately.
  • Soft water lathers better than hard water, meaning you use less shower gel, dish soap and laundry detergents. Even something as simple as washing your hands is made easier by using soft water.
  • You can use chemical-free soaps and detergents if you have soft water. The harsh chemicals in today’s common soaps and detergents were invented to combat hard water, but when you have a water softener the harsh chemicals are no longer necessary.
  • Soft water doesn’t leave a chalky film or orange rings around bathtubs and sinks. Hard water appliances need cleaning more often and they stain more frequently.
  • Soft water preserves the life of appliances which require water such as ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines and even coffee makers. Hard water causes wear and tear on appliances and they don’t work as well when they are coated in mineral deposits.

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