If you own a well on your Palm Beach Gardens property, chances are you need information on well maintenance. In this guide, we go over everything you need to know to ensure your well is maintained properly at all times.

How often should you service your well?
Your well should be tested for mechanical and structural issues on an annual basis. This service should include professional testing of the water that comes out of the well. Proper maintenance and regular testing ensures the water is always pure and clean and free of contaminants. Remember the EPA does not regulate private wells, so it is up to the owner to ensure their water is safe to drink. If you have noticed contaminants in your water on multiple occasions, you should test more often than once a year. Signs of this could be recurring illness in those drinking the water, the water tasting different or changing color. 

What should you do to keep your well clean and safe?

Always make sure that hazardous materials, such as chemicals, paint, cleaning products and other harmful materials, are kept far away from your well so they do not contaminate the water. If you are mixing chemicals, never put the hose inside the mixing container, as this can siphon the chemicals up through the hose and into your home’s water system.

How long does a well last?
A well that is properly maintained will last a maximum of 20 years. If you purchase a property with a well already installed, make sure you get a professional to come and check the well and ensure it does not need to be replaced. When it reaches the end of its life, you must make sure it is properly retired so that broken down mechanics, pipes and other parts of the well do not contaminate the ground water. Old wells must be filled in and sealed properly.

Remember, if you suspect your water is contaminated, do not drink it, as this can lead to serious illness. Make sure your well is always maintained properly with Hydro Solutions. We offer services such as well installation, water testing and even well drilling. Contact us and let us help you.