Purified water and distilled water is one of the healthiest ways of consuming water as it has no harmful chemicals. As the human body consists of about 75% water, it is very important to drink as much water as possible to keep from dehydrating. Water that flows from taps in homes can contain harmful chemicals and particles which results in serious illnesses. Purchasing water that is purified or distilled is the best way to ensure that you are getting the cleanest water possible.

Purified water vs distilled water

Purified water is defined as the process of removing impurities from water. Tap water and filtered water has a much lower purity than purified water as purified water cannot exceed 10 parts per million dissolved solids. As this is a very small amount of impurities that is allowed to exist in purified water, it is accepted that purified water is a very clean and pure form of water.

Distilled water can be defined as the process of distillation. Distillation takes place when water is heated to a very high temperature to remove impurities such as metals and inorganic minerals. As the water is heated, it evaporates and forms steam. This steam is captured and cooled, thus it is called distilled water and is a cleaner and more pure form of water.

As purified water is distilled water, there is no difference between the two concepts at all and are merely synonyms of the same water cleaning process. Whether you are purchasing purified water or distilled water, it is the same cleaning method used to clear water of impurities.

Purified water and distilled water at Hydro Solutions

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