When minerals like magnesium and calcium get dissolved into water, you end up with what is known as hard water. Hard water can cause many problems in an around your home by interfering with the functioning of your piping and appliances. Here is how a water softener system can aid you:

  • Reducing Scale Build-Up in Your Pipes 
    As hard water flows throughyour pipes, it will leave a hard residue that can build up over time. Thisresidue is known as scale and can be damaging to pipes. This scale build-upwill reduce the area in which water can flow, causing a build-up of pressurewhich can cause permanent damage to the pipe system and reduce the flow ofwater out taps.
  • Save Your Appliances 
    Appliances which collectwater, like your water heater and tea kettle, will also be subject to scalebuild up and this will reduce their efficiency. Using a water softener systemin your home will reduce the amount of effort needed to clean, as without the scalebuild-up you will need to use less harsh chemicals in your cleaning process.
  • Washing Becomes a Breeze 
    With a water softener system, the heavy and hard minerals dissolved in yourwater will be filtered out. This means that all your dishes, glasses, andcutlery will have a cleaner sheen after washing. In addition, your clothes willrequire less soap and be softer after washing. Your skin and hair will also besofter and take on a healthier appearance.

Why HydroSolutions? 

With over 60 years of providing quality water treatment in the Tampa Bay area, Hydro Solutions has the experience and expertise necessary to outfit you with the right water softener system. For more information, contact us today.