At Hydro Solutions, we help clients with everything from water quality testing to well water rehabilitation and maintenance. Over the years, through working with thousands of people in the Florida area, we have come to know that there are some relatively common mistakes that people make when choosing a water treatment system. These mistakes include:

  1. Not doing a proper analysis of the water chemistry in the well
  2. Not understanding how much water gets pumped per minute
  3. Neglecting to check the water pressure
  4. Neglecting to fix a broken pressure gauge
  5. Not having a solid grasp of the workings of the well water system

Most people think of water as a ‘given’ resource which can easily be taken for granted if you grew up in an urban area or town where clean water was readily available. After buying property in Florida with a well, many of them quickly pick up on bad odors or funny tasting water. Not only is this water unpalatable, but it could be contaminated and cause you and your family harm.

There is a good deal of different water treatment solutions available on the market. This means that it can be overwhelming to dig through all the information online by yourself. Knowledge about water chemistry, water quality testing, an understanding of the impact of nearby industrial sites and agricultural areas on your well water, and well water pumping systems is crucial when it comes to knowing which parameters to analyze.

If you are experiencing trouble with your well water or need experienced professionals to guide you towards the best possible well water treatment systems, then contact Hydro Solutions today.